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OpenTechWorks Inc.
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mission statement

OpenTechWorks (OTW) solves major adoption challenges for Open Technology Solutions within Government and Corporate IT environments.

OTW provides security and enterprise solutions to government and corporate clients reducing total cost of ownership for critical applications.

The team at OTW understands the unique needs of Federal IT implementations and has combined this understanding with a phenomenal depth of technical expertise. Policy makers and senior executives combine to deliver cost effective, scalable, and secure enterprise solutions.

OTW maintains its reputation as a trusted advisor and strives to help government and industry protect IT capital investments.Best practice and best value policy and program management is deployed to protect the homeland, secure private and personal data, improve efficiencies, and assure the successful integration of complex technology solutions.

Information technology policy and governance, enterprise resource planning, information assurance, and open source software development/ adoption are the core competencies that drive success for OTW and its clients. OTW solutions achieve innovation, inspiration, and agility for the large enterprise.

OpenTechWorks Inc. An Open Technology Solutions Company

Core business areas include:

  • Governance and Policy Consulting - bridging ROI, best practice, policy implementation, and procedural management.
  • Information Assurance and Security Solutions - protecting personal, private, and sensitive data in the most secure environments.
  • Program Management and Strategic Planning Services - providing proven methodologies and best practices.
  • Implementing Enterprise Solutions (Proprietary and Open Source)
  • Open Source Software Development and Adoption - improving speed to market, agility, TCO for the large enterprise.

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OpenTechWorks Inc. An Open Technology Solutions Company